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Why R&D Logic's SaaS Based Performance Management Software


Industry-Specific Capabilities Built Into our Performance Management Software Solution


R&D-Focused business models are four dimensional. The dimensions are Corporate, Portfolio, Time and Category. Our performance management software platform is the only solution developed for your unique business requirements!

Configurable -- Based on Customer Business Rules

R&D Logic delivers configurable solutions that ensure alignment with your organization. No need to change your business processes for us.

Menu Driven Scenarios

Configurability based on Roles and Scenarios means your users interact with the information that matters most to them.

R&D Methodology Best Practices and Process Automation

We understand best practices and how to automate processes from years of practice in the industry. We also took the time to enable our solutions to track "projects and activities". Go ahead, ask us how we do it!


Been there, done that. We understand what you need to drive your business. Our expert services are from the industry, so we "walk the walk and talk the talk". Our consultants understand the business of Research and Development, and are focused on assisting you in all aspects deploying and maintaining our solutions.