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What’s the Scoop?

Heard from our Customers

  • On average our customers cut 2-3 weeks out of their planning cycle timeline
  • 70% of our customers quote their Board of Directors as having made favorable comments following a presentation that include portfolio based metrics and financials
  • 100% of R&D Logic customers are willing to be references

Prior to joining the R&D Logic Customer Community

  • Most companies still use excel to budget
  • Most companies have 1-3 accounts in their Chart of Accounts to track clinical trials and investigator fees, while having 8-10 tracking travel related expenses
  • 0% of companies we speak with feel their corporate financial plans are aligned with project plans and portfolio priorities
  • Companies collecting time in excel are simply filing this information since consolidation and reporting is too manually intensive
  • RDTime is the only tool on the market allowing you to choose hours or % for project time collection

R&D Logic Customer profile

  • Currently managing approximately $18 billion of R&D Portfolio assets annually
  • 30% of R&D Logic customer have government grants and are using R&D Logic to prepare reporting
  • 25% of our customers are private companies / 75% are public
  • 47% of our R&D Time customers are collecting project effort in hours, 43% are collecting project effort in percentages, and 10% are collecting project time in both percentages and hours
  • 45% of our customers are allocating overhead and facilities between R&D and G&A in R&D Logic's budgeting functionality
  • 100% of our customers with commercial operations are using the R&D Logic's budgeting functionality to budget and forecast revenue, cost of goods
  • R&D Logic "Smart Connectors" are being used to interface with the following payroll providers:
    • ADP
    • Paychex
    • Ceridian
    • Paylocity
    • Workday
    • Trinet
    • Staff Admin
  • R&D Logic "Smart Connectors" are being used to interface with the following ERP systems:
    • Oracle Financials
    • SAP
    • Dynamics - GreatPlains
    • Dynamics - Solomon
    • Dynamics - SL
    • Dynamics - AX
    • QuickBooks
    • Net Suite
    • Lawson Financials
    • Deltek
    • Epicor
    • Sage (MASS 500)