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Balancing Business and Science

For biotech and life science professionals, the following statement won’t be a surprise: the life science industry is unique in its complexity. For non-life science professionals who, managed to stumble upon this post, take it from us: the life science industry is unique.

To consider the extended product life cycles, boom-or-bust profitability, regulatory landscape, massive innovation costs, and expectations thereof, make operating a business in such an environment a breeding ground for uncertainty. Furthermore, the fundamental balance between scientific innovation, just for the sake of innovation, while satisfying investor expectations, who always have an eye on the bottom line, is a task (that, take it from us, requires as much coffee as you can get your hands on) in itself.

The takeaways here are twofold. First, life science and R&D intensive companies often need to find alternative benchmarks, other than profitability or the bottom line, for performance because the bottom line is often in the color we don’t want to see. Second: organizations of this nature need the tools that provide the ability to track all data points, and offer actionable insights.

Though rife with uncertainty and, often, short on answers, it’s also a tremendously exciting time to be in this industry. We’re seeing groundbreaking scientific developments unfold before our eyes. Breakthrough technologies in data analysis and artificial intelligence, automated processes are shortening development cycles and improving the reliability of the insights generated, and all of these developments are unfolding faster than ever before.

Amid all the challenges and breakthroughs, life science and biotech companies still grapple with the “how” - how do we allow for a decentralized, collaborative, project-based analysis? How do we break down data silos and departmental hierarchy to improve scientific and patient outcomes? How do we make faster, smarter evidence-based decisions?

This is where R&D Logic comes into play. The evaluation of a business from multiple vantage points is essential because the balanced performance of a company's portfolio yields financial sustainability, and an analysis of this nature offers both strategic and operational efficiency. In other words, the P&L of a project is the P&L of the corporation, and we have the mechanism to provide these insights.

What sets us apart, first and foremost, is our industry experience. Our leadership have an abundance of experience working with R&D intensive organizations in finance and operational roles. Therefore, the solutions we offer are industry specific. We understand the need for multi-dimensional planning with real-time visibility of performance, which is one of the most critical elements of decision making, re-forecasting, and breaking down departmental silos.

Providing dashboards is one of the critical elements of RDL5 and DIMENSIONS - we’re offering insights for specific roles and access, while also providing for the cross-collaboration necessary in modern organization management. We also realize that it’s critical to tailor our solutions to a given need - meaning: we’re taking our life science industry expertise and packaging it into a solution that will allow users to generate the insights as needed, when needed.

With all of this being said, it’s an exciting time for our customers and the industry as a whole. Definitely take a look at a recording of our recent DIMENSIONS webcast  And may the “4th Dimension” be with you.