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A Unique Software Platform to Manage Grants

Accurate and timely planning and tracking of grants is a core requirement for companies receiving funds from NIH, DARPA, SBIR, other government agencies or private foundations. Sound planning and detailed tracking is the base to ensure that funds are fully drawn and that indirect costs are recovered.

R&D Grant is designed to help you plan and track your grants with ease and in full compliance with audit regulations. The grants' plans, resources, expenses and revenues are fully integrated with the overall corporate plans and financials. The centralized grant information is reported back to Principal Investigators, Grant Administrators, Finance and Management.

R&D Grant offers immediate benefits:

  • Increase visibility of grant awards and status
  • Shorten month close and management reporting cycle
  • Improve pro-active management of grant's resources
  • Ensure full cost recovery
  • Provide sound supportive documentation to agencies and auditors
  • Align grants' funding with corporate strategic initiatives

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